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Tausha and Cory Ostrander were the co-founders of Serenity salon & Spa. 

Where inner beauty meets outer beauty was a quote by Tausha that flamed the inspiration to open a salon where beauty professionals could work giving them the ability to transform their clients allowing them to leave the salon feeling as beautiful on the outside as they truly where on the inside.

     Tausha has a true passion for the beauty industry as a platform artist, lead colorist for Aquage (a hair care company) salon owner, and everyday stylist behind the chair. Cory has a  love for Architecture as a UNL graduate with his Bachelors in Science of architecture. With Tausha's passion for the beauty industry and Cory's love of architecture they were both inspired to open a salon where clients could enter a place with an intriguing atmosphere where they could be pampered and relax in their own space. At Serenity we have been truly blessed with the opportunity to offer services by talented Hair Stylists, Nail Technicians, and an Esthetician who all share the same passion to make every client feel welcome and leave looking their very best.


We are a full Service salon

 To you the client we are proud to offer many different beauty service to allow you one salon you can go and have all your beauty needs met. In a salon that believes in the need for true customer service and beauty in all. Remember Serenity Salon & Day spa in Lincoln is Where Inner Beauty Meets Outer Beauty. 

giving back

Additional Information


We at Serenity Salon would like to say Thank you to all the amazing people who both showed up to the DBL Benefit and also who were able to make donations to help keep dance alive for all these beautiful children.

     Thanks to all the donations we raised $4700.00. With this money DBL is able to keep dance alive and provide scholarships to families who can not afford it. Also with these donation they are able to buy all new dance costumes and props for the dancers.

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