Casey Rezny


Casey Graduated from College of Hair Design in 1999.  For the next five years she    worked at Lincoln's first Day Spa where she could continue to work on her craft and    continuing her education with hands on classes. 

     Casey then took the next step in her career renting a space at Serenity Salon where    she has the ability to service her clients in a private suite allowing them to leave the    salon relaxed and refreshed. Casey continues to build her business and enjoys    continuing educational classes so she can share the most current looks with her    clients.

 In Casey's free time she loves photography and spending time with her husband and    two children.


Services Casey offers

  Women Haircuts                 Keratin Treatments

    Men's Haircuts                  Lip & Brow waxing

 Children Haircuts                               Manicures

  Color and Hi-lites                               Pedicures


Contact Casey at 402-488-7515