Tausha Ostrander

co-founder & educational director


Where inner beauty meets outer beauty is a phrase Tausha has followed throughout her career, She believes in the gift to make everyone feel as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside. It is easy to judge a book by it's cover but it is not until you open the book that you know its full potential. With this passion Tausha strives for every client to enter the salon feeling welcomed and relaxed. It is her mission that clients can escape the outside world if only for a moment and just focus on them self.

     Tausha opened Serenity Salon at the young age of 26 with support of her husband. Building the salon up from dirt floors has given Tausha even more drive to create a space that clients could come and be pampered by an amazing team in the beauty industry. Tausha's vision for the salon is for the staff to love the environment they work in and empower them to embrace the industry and the power to make every individual look and feel their very best.


    Beginning just 6 months after graduating from College of Hair design Tausha began an amazing journey becoming an educator with Aquage. Since 2001 Tausha has had the opportunity to build her passion and share her inspiration and love of the industry through educating other beauty professional. As a platform artist and lead colorist for Aquage a hair care company Tausha has been blessed to travel all over the U.S and share her love of the industry through teaching hair cutting, styling, and  texturizing Techniques. Aquage also opened many doors to allow Tausha to create styles to be videoed for teaching, work on photoshoots and create her own vision of art through hair pieces and beautiful photos. With a dream come true Tausha's work has been published in Modern magazine, HOT magazine, and throughout the Aquage imagery. Through her experiences as an Aquage artist it has given Tausha the tools and confidence to become a better stylist and it keeps the fire of inspiration going to continue to love what she does and who does it for.

     Her passion for the industry allows her to keep the salon up to date the staff inspired and the   clients beautiful.

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